Love Notes

We are always looking for the best skin care products for our children and this product is now at the top of my list. My daughter has had eczema since she was a baby. She has extremely sensitive skin and allergies. Some allergens make her eczema much worse and we have to battle it with gentle bath time (no hard shampoos / soaps or lotions) and good moisturizing. If any type of cheap product with too many chemicals hits her skin she flares up and is itchy for days. So, I am constantly on the search for the best skincare for sensitive skin. Bathtime Baby/Bathtime Kids did not make my daughter’s skin flare up or itchy – it was great to use on her sensitive skin! Our Allergy Dr. had given us some soaps to use but we weren’t very impressed with them, I’ve switched them out to use Bathtime Baby instead!

Recommendation: Great organic product that is good for baby to child. Especially great for kids with sensitive skin.



"I love Bathtime Kid's commitment to not only fabulous products, but your mission of enlightening us about the true value of baby skincare that is safe, natural and wholesome." Lauren R. - San Diego, CA


"We LOVE the Baby Butter . After every bath, my daughter enjoys a relaxing and soothing massage. I even took a course in infant massage and learned all the fantastic benefits of how it gives us an opportunity to bond while stimulating brain development and awareness. I like the confidence of knowing that I am using a wholesome product that does not contain harmful chemicals or irritants on my little sweetheart. That truly makes it a relxing experience for both of us!" P.S. I could go on and on about the other products, too! To sum it up: love! love! love! Michelle R. - Houston, TX


"I am the mummy of a 22 month old baby. As you can imagine, I only want the very best for her and for her skin and bath care too. I have tried so many products from the most high end in baby skin care to the everyday brands and nothing compares to quality of Bathtime Baby/Bathtime Kids products. From the luxurious textures to the sweet scents to the organic ingredients and to the cost, the entire package is a mummy's dream, not to mention the convenience of the entire line in travel sizes, easy and quick to use in diapers bags for mums on the run!" Naomi E.



"Thank you so much for the "Bathtime Baby - Baby Butter" that was provided in one of your recent swag bags. Being five months pregnant in the middle of winter has really dried my skin. I used the Baby Butter on my entire body, but especially on my growing tummy and much to my delight, I loved it. It keeps me moisturized all day long which helps me feel confident that I'm warding off stretch marks."

"Not only will I continue to use the baby butter on my skin, but I will certainly use it on my daughter and soon-to-arrive son."

Thank you again. R.B.