December 12, 2016

Winter Family Outing Ideas for Toddlers

When it’s cold outside, make your own warmth! Winter is the season to spend all bundled up with the people you love and create cozy memories that can last a lifetime. Toddlers especially enjoy the festive season because they’re finally old enough to really take everything in and understand what the holidays are about. Here are some fun ideas to make this winter a memorable one! 

Watch winter classics – Some things never get old and Home Alone is certainly one of them. Or how about you all cozy together on the couch and watch a family favorite like Frozen. These winter classics are easier to watch than ever since these days they’re all on Netflix and YouTube! 

Building a snowman – Watch Frosty the Snowman and then help your toddler build his own snowman (or snow woman)! Most toddlers have a blast playing in the snow and this is a great activity for the entire family. Don’t forget to bring your carrot noses!

Sledding – If your locale has some light hills, this could be quite the thrilling winter event. Get yourself a snow tube or sled and put your arms around your little one and get ready to have the time of your lives!

Holiday shows – The holidays are teeming with entertainment for toddlers! Check your local newspaper or a website like Macaroni Kid for holiday offerings and introduce your child to a little culture and entertainment while raising her festive spirit.   

Holiday decorations – Sometimes the most fun entails just a simple walk around the neighborhood. Who doesn’t love to see spectacular light displays? Bundle up your toddler for a stroll and watch the decorations light up his face! And don’t forget the hot cocoa to keep you warm!  

Make paper snowflakes – Who isn’t enamored with how making cuts into folded paper results in the most beautiful of paper snowflakes? This activity also stimulates your child’s artistic mind though you might have to guide her a bit at first. Use multi-colored paper for an added visual bonus!

Go ice skating – Take your tot out to his/her first ice skating lesson and it will definitely be a memory they won’t forget! Ice skating can be a lot of fun for the whole family as you can hold hands to keep each other going and hope that no one falls down (although falling down can be part of the fun!). Look for a family friendly rink that serves snacks and hot cocoa and maybe even has arcade games for when you need a break from the ice.

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