August 07, 2016

How to Keep Your Family Safe Around Pools

pool safety for familiesNow that it’s summer, many of us are using our (or our families’) swimming pools. These provide a lot of fun, but they can also be quite dangerous when we have little ones running around. Here are some simple (but effective) ways you can keep your family safe in the pool.

1. Always mind your children when they are near the pool (or any body of water). If there are multiple adults present, take turns watching the children. Sometimes people think “someone else is watching the kids” so put someone in charge.

2. Never rely on swim toys to keep your kids above water. If your kids can’t swim, they need a personal flotation device. They make swimmers for kids that strap over the arms with a chest piece so they can never sink.

3. Avoid entrapment by staying away from pipes, vents, drains, or any type of equipment in the pool.

4. Pools should be guarded by a fence with a self-closing, self-locking gate so little ones can’t wander near.

5. Take a CPR class that specifically addresses how to save a child. Hopefully you’ll never has to use this skill, but it could literally be a lifesaver if you do.

6. If your child is missing, the first place you should look is the pool. Don’t waste time running around the yard when they may be struggling in the water or drowning.

7. Learn how to swim! Just because your pool is shallow doesn’t mean you can be ignorant about swimming. Know how to swim (above and underwater) so you can rescue a child if necessary.

8. Insist that no one runs around the pool. This is a sure way to fall in.

9. If you have an above ground pool, remove the ladder when the pool is not in use so little ones don’t climb up (and they LOVE to climb).

10. Regularly clean and test the chemicals. Most people think the only danger of a pool is drowning, but the substances in the water can be dangerous too. Maintain a proper filtration system and use whatever chemicals are right for your pool.

11. Use a safety cover when it’s time to put the pool away for the winter. A safety cover is a sturdy, taut cover that you can fall on without sinking into the pool. They make these for above and below ground pools.

What steps do you take to keep your family safe around pools or water?

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