July 22, 2016

9 Tips to Give a Proper Newborn Bath

how to give baby a bathAs a new parent, everything is daunting. You would think giving a bath would be pretty straightforward, but it can be tricky. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you give your baby a safe and proper bath.

1. Create a routine to support bedtime – Ideally you should use bath time (whether that means a full bath in the tub or a sponge bath) as lead-in to bed time. Baths are warm and relaxing, which is the perfect way to calm anyone down. Keep the lights dim and the room noise-free. If your baby finds baths exciting and likes playing, give them at another time of the day.

2. Don’t bathe your baby when they are upset – If you have to do something often (like give a bath, brush teeth, or clip fingernails), it’s best not to do it when your child is upset. Over time they may associate their negative feelings with the regular task. Each time you do it will be a fight. If your baby is upset, hungry, or overstimulated, solve the problem before you bathe.

3. Keep the room warm – Babies lose heat faster than you and I, so I recommend warming up the room to at least 75 degrees before you give the bath. In a bathroom, the easiest way to do this is to let the shower run as hot as it can for a few minutes. Once the mirror is steaming a bit, the room is warm.

4. Keep your supplies on hand – NEVER, EVER leave a baby unattended in the water. A child can drown in just a couple inches of water, even if the baby tub has a seat and harness. The most common reason parents leave their children in the tub is to get a baby bath product. Before you start the bath, gather everything you could possibly need so you don’t have to carry a soaking baby around.

5. Don’t force a bath – If your baby hates being in a tub, don’t force it. Resume giving sponge baths or using the baby tub or sink. There’s no rush to move up.

6. Have some help – Holding a newborn in the tub and washing can be tricky. I recommend having someone help you if you can. Make sure you always support the head.

7. Use only a little bit of mild soap – There’s no reason to drench your baby in soap. They never get that dirty anyway. Be especially cautious around the diaper area and face. Use a safe and healthy baby soap that’s designed for children, not someone out of your shower.

8. Wash gently – Gently wipe your baby’s face from the center outwards to draw water away. Make sure to clean around the mouth and chin where milk may spill. When you wash the body, be gentle around the umbilical cord stump. It’s fine to wipe any crustiness way, but don’t scrub anything that’s still attached.

9. Pat baby dry – Don’t rub the skin with a towel; this can cause irritation. Gently pat your baby dry. It’s alright if he/she stays wet for a bit inside a towel. Moist skin is good! However, you should ensure the diaper area is nice and dry before closing up a diaper.

What are your tips for bathing a newborn?

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