September 19, 2016

8 Ways You Can Teach Your Kids to “Be Green”

how to teach kids to be greenAs our resources diminish and our planet feels the strain of a burdensome population, it’s important now more than ever that we “go green.” Going green means adopting a lifestyle that minimizes our impact on the planet. To truly go green, we have to get our families involved. Here’s how you can help your kids go green.

1. Be honest, but positive

Protecting the environment is important, but don’t dwell on the subject with your kids and make them afraid. Let them know that some animals are endangered and in some places the air is tough to breathe, but also tell them that the problem is fixable if we all pitch in.

2. Make recycling easy

Many people fail to recycle because it’s not convenient. But it’s easy to make it so. Set up the proper receptacle bins for glass, cans, and paper. When it’s time to get rid of something, ask your kids, “Should we reuse this, donate it to someone else, or throw it away?”

3. Spend time with nature

By spending more time outside enjoying our Earth, your children will develop an appreciation for it. This appreciation will spur them to work to protect our home.

4. Teach them how to save energy

One of the best ways we can all impact the environment is by using less energy. Producing electricity is one the biggest ways we pollute our environment and use up our resources. By using less, we have it for longer. Encourage them to use electronics less and always turn off the lights.

5. Use green products at home

If you use products that are designed to be green and healthy, your kids will grow up thinking that lifestyle is normal. Opt for cleaning supplies, natural and organic bath products, personal care products, reusable bags and containers, etc.

6. Use the car less

We rarely think about how we’re impacting the environment when we get in our car, but these are BIG wastes of fossil fuels. Wherever possible, walk or ride your bicycles.

7. Start a family garden

We can appreciate what we get from the Earth by learning about how it gives. Start a family garden. Choose some easy vegetables at first, like tomatoes and herbs. Use those ingredients in your kitchen to everyone feels the benefit of their work.

8. Start a compost bin

There’s so much junk in landfills that the organic stuff has a hard time breaking down. Instead of throwing your food scraps in with the trash, start a compost bin your back yard. Along with your garden, this will teach kids how the Earth recycles its own.

Do you have a green family? What steps do you take?

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