August 15, 2016

6 Ways to Live a More Natural Lifestyle

Ways to Live a More Natural LifestyleWe’re bombarded every day with toxic, synthetic, and chemical-laden products. From our food to our shampoo to our very lifestyles, we’ve become less natural and more… manufactured. Here are some ways you and your kids can adopt a more natural lifestyle.

1. Cook from scratch

I know how it easy is to pick up something pre-made at the supermarket. And those boxed means are so convenient after a long day at work. But these food items are filled with chemical preservatives, fillers, and an unnecessary amount of sugar (for taste). Cooking from raw ingredients is always the healthiest.

2. Reduce your waste

The first part of the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle mantra is the one people forget about the most. Reducing what you use and throw away is the most effective way to live naturally and diminish your impact on the environment. You can buy in bulk to reduce the packaging you chuck. You can stop using disposable items. Most importantly, you can refurbish and reuse things you already own. When you’re done with items, donate them instead of throwing them out.

3. Switch to eco-friendly products

It’s simpler than you think to swap your chemical-laden products out with natural, sustainable alternatives. They’re available right alongside the traditional products in your favorite stores. Cleaning products, clothing and personal care products (like our eco-friendly baby safe bath time products for kids and babies) are the most important because they come in direct contact our skin.

4. Exercise more often

Exercise doesn’t just make us look great. It also improves our overall health, which means fewer visits to the doctor. It also means you have to take less medication. (Of course, you should take medication if you need it, but it’s best to prevent the need it in the first place.)

5. Opt for natural remedies

Many of our ailments can be remedied with natural solutions before we reach for the pill bottle. A spoonful of honey can soothe a sore throat. A neti pot can soothe or even cure some sinus issues. Colds, flus, and fevers often only require fluids and sleep to overcome. (Disclaimer: always err on the side of safety and see a doctor if something is wrong.)

6. Start a garden

Buying organic produce is a good start, but even those items take some energy to transport and keep cool at the store. A garden is the most natural way to feed yourself. Start with something easy like tomatoes, then work your way up to harder-to-grow vegetables and even fruit trees!

How do you live naturally?

eco-friendly baby safe bath time products for kids and babiesWritten by Leslie Presant, Owner of Bathtime Baby & Kids

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