August 04, 2016

5 Potty Training Tips for Your Toddler

Potty Training Tips for Your ToddlerPotty training is never an easy task for parents or their children. A lot of times, children can even be so scared of using a real toilet that they actually hold it in as long as possible or refuse to go. Eventually though, it’s an inevitable part of the development of a baby to a child. For parents seeking help with potty training, here are the first steps to try:

1. The Introduction 

Slowly introducing the potty to your child’s life is a great first step on the road to potty training. A subtle introduction is helpful at first, especially if you have a feeling that your child may have fears of the toilet. Try reading children’s books on the subject, or including your child in the process of choosing a starter potty to begin the process.

2. Signs of Interest 

Since you certainly don’t want to rush your child into doing something they’re nervous or fearful of, you should wait to see some signs of interest in the potty. Signs of readiness to start learning include: general interest in how the potty works, uncomfortable in dirty diapers, talks about or brings up the potty, has begun dressing himself, and/or has some regularity to their bathroom schedule.

3. Equipment 

Choosing the perfect potty for your child is another initial step to begin potty training. Whether you end up buying a full potty that sits on the floor, or a potty seat that goes on top of a toilet, make sure to involve your child in the process. Let them decide which they would feel more comfortable using. Also, if you choose the potty seat, make sure to provide them with a step stool so they have a place to rest their feet for more comfort.

4. Encouragement 

Encouraging your child along the way is necessary during the potty training process. Offer plenty of praise when they do something right, and be understanding if a mistake is made. Try to make them feel better about the process by offering a story of your own (whether you remember or not), describing the troubles you had as a child.

5. Make it a Habit 

Ritualizing the process of using a potty is important to getting your child into a good habit. You can try having your child sit on the potty every couple hours or so, at specific times of the day. Make time for this habit of sitting on the potty, and try to make it fun for him/her by reading a book or playing a game!

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