August 22, 2016

5 Educational Games to Play With Your Baby

educational baby gamesFun baby games that can boost your child's skills and development are a perfect way for some enjoyment. They don't even need to be complicated and if your child is very young, they shouldn't be. You may even find that many of the best games you can play with your child to help him/her learn about the world around them; which you probably already do for them. Here are some educational games for your child:

1. Peek-a-Boo 

Playing peek-a-boo may be the simplest of games, but for a young child it works wonders! Until babies are around 9 months old, they don't realize that you're still there when your face is covered. So your child will be fascinated by your disappearing and reappearing act. This baby game may even help your child become more comfortable in the world when she realizes that you'll come back even when you "go away."

2. Monkey See, Monkey Do 

Whether you realize it or not, you’re constantly reading your child’s signals throughout the day. Why not incorporate this into a game for them! Let your baby take the lead and try imitating some of their movements and sounds. This will help your baby develop a foundation for conversation skills. Also, when baby smiles, smile back. This will help your baby develop the sense that he/she realizes you're both having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

3. Patty Cake 

This well-known clapping game may seem silly, but it's a great way to help your baby develop a number of important skills. The rhythm and repetitiveness of the tune will help baby develop language skills. As your child gets older, he'll probably try to imitate the movements you're making with your hands, which will help him develop his large motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Patty cake is a simple game with more benefits than you would think.

4. Rhyming Games 

Babies love to listen to the voices of people they know, and they're also intrigued by repetitive sounds. Give your baby the opportunity to hear both by regularly saying nursery rhymes or other kid-friendly rhyming games. You can have rhyme time anytime -- in the bath, during snuggle time, or when you're riding in the car. These are all perfect opportunities to entertain baby and boost language skills.

5. Sing-Along 

Babies love a lot of different music, but especially soothing and rhythmic sounds. Even if you don't have the best voice, baby will love for you to sing to him and it will help you deepen the parent-child bond. Additionally, songs don't even need to be "real" songs to make for a development boosting game – make something fun for them!

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